Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ava has been in love with snails, ladybugs, worms, Rollie polies, lizards, and pretty much anything considered creepy crawly for awhile. She spends all day every day looking for these guys in the backyard. I took her to the zoo and did she see any animals? No. Her face was looking straight down the entire time trying to find anything that was moving. When we are at karate and she has to sit on the ground and wait her turn to spar is she watching the other kids? No. She is focused on the floor and feverishly searching for bugs which she gracefully hands to her teacher before she spars and promptly wants them back when she's finished. She hasn't quite caught on that he smashes them but whatever.

So today is Ava's show and tell at school. Last night she and her daddy went on a snail hunt before bed in the backyard and neighbor's yard and they found 9 snails. Ava wanted 12 because there are 12 kids in the class. So this morning her awesome daddy went out snail hunting at 3:30AM before leaving for work and found 5 more. How happy was Ava when I told her what he found?? Sooo freakin' happy. So she carted her little friends to school and plopped them down on the table and all the kids came running to look and they surrounded her. If you could have seen her smiling little face. Ava was in full snail heaven. And as the other moms looked at me with the, "oh great snails..." look, I smiled away letting them know there was enough for everyone to take one home. Ha! They looked mortified. It was awesome.

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