Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Tea

First of all, my daughter rocks!!!  Olivia's class invited all the moms to come to class so they could give us our Mother's day gifts and serve us tea and sandwiches. They set the tables with china and flowers and greeted us at the door. They seated us at the table and offered us...
fruit that was brought on a silver platter. Each child took turns serving their mom.
Ava had helped herself to the watermelon before I could snap a photo but I think you can get the idea...
Here they are all waiting their turn to serve the sandwiches, cookies, and scones. They even have the waitress towel over their arms and are prepared.

After all the food was served the class, led by Olivia, recited a thank you message for all that we do for them and they gave us a letter saying why they are thankful for us.
Olivia did a little dance while leading the class.
And my gift... this beautiful necklace made by the sweetest girl in the world.

I think that says it all!!!

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