Monday, May 2, 2011


So today Dave made a comeback after being skunked by the girls on Easter Weekend. He caught this big catfish and...
These two trout. We didn't stay at this location very long due to the high number of rattlesnakes out here...
And as you can see the girls are sitting in some tall grass by the water. So after catching two trout we were on our way to a less scary place which is where the catfish was caught.
Yum Yum grub time!!
Makes me so proud... eating the tail!
The little gobblers.

So of the two kids of fish we all agreed the catfish was the meatiest and best tasting. We will definitely have to go back to that spot again. The fried fish pictured above didn't have the head on since it was too big for my daddy fryer but the smaller one did and Olivia wanted to eat the face and eyes. My grandfather would have loved her. I think there's a little part of his spirit in her. Ava was totally against seeing it caught and then eating it but after the ketchup came out, all we heard was, "More catfish please..."

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