Friday, May 20, 2011

My Birthday

Today is my birthday and guess what I got? Dave took today, all next week, and the following Monday off of work. I get 11 whole days of not feeling like a single mom starting my day alone with the kids and doing breakfast, schlepping to and from the schools, birthday parties, playdates, grocery stores with the kids, feeding lunch and cleaning it up, figuring out dinner, getting it ready before karate, doing homework with the girls, settling their disputes, managing our finances and paying the bills while the kids are downstairs bickering, keeping the house clean, doing the laundry and making the beds... you get the idea- without any help from anyone physically or financially until Dave gets home at 7pm. Okay so he does books and bath time. But really if he came home by 8pm, I'd have the kids in bed by 7:30.

So I have 11 glorious days days off starting now.... and I'm loving it. Dave's taking Liv to school, then baking a cake with Ava as well as cleaning up the mess (ahhh relief), we are going to pick Liv up together and go out for a late lunch and then take the kids fishing for the afternoon. They are really enjoying this and it's virtually free so it's all impossible to say no- plus there's the giant sand pit that the kids get to play in while they are there. Saturday we have another birthday party at Black Diamond kids place for their friend Joe from soccer and our every Thursday playdate. Then the next week all the school schlepping, breakfast/lunch making, karate taking, I am free from doing. That Friday we have a morning fieldtrip to the farm to plant a few different plants and play with the night crawlers and after that by 2pm we will be camping in a cabin for 4 days on the river enjoying Memorial Day weekend. This campground has a heated pool, movies under the stars, a playgound, a dog park, marshmallow roasting, or you can do your own thing at your cabin while sitting on your porch swing. The girls are loving the fact that they get to sleep in bunk beds and I am happy that Dave and I get to sit on our swing at night like a couple of old people enjoying each others company.

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