Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Those People"

One day at the park near our house Dave had taken the girls for a run. After they were finished Ava begun dancing around doing the pee pee dance so Dave knowing they wouldn't make it home took her over to the grass and let her pee. That was the beginning of the end. Thank you babe, I REALLY appreciate it.

Last week, on a nice hot sunny day, the girls were playing in the backyard and I heard through the window in Ava's tiny voice, "Hey, let's go potty in the grass..." She was firmly told no and I explained that we only pee in the toilet so she ran inside and used the bathroom. I patted myself on the back feeling like I handled that issue well and got the message across clearly. Crisis averted right?

That would just be too fricken easy.

Today a friend of mine called and said she was at the park and would be there for an hour. We were already at the park near our house but the girls wanted to go to the other one so we hopped back into the truck and headed to the other park. After a few minutes another friend of ours showed up due to it being such a nice hot day and who could possibly pass up the opportunity to take their kids outside and enjoy the sunshine? Then two more people showed up that have kids in their school so now it's a bunch of us and all the kids are running around and I spy Olivia underneath the play structure. Every time we are at the park the kids go underneath the structure and we tell them to get out so they don't hit their heads and hurt themselves. So she climbs out and the other mom calls her kid and tells him to get out and then I see Ava still under there and I tell her to get out. So Olivia comes running towards me and bellows that she saw Ava's bum and her pants were pulled down. Then Ava comes running over with this huge smile and says, "Mommy, I went potty under there."

Excellent. Just what I want to hear- from my daughter.

Never mind the fact we mom's were all sitting on the bench RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE RESTROOMS. So I explained to Ava again that we only pee in the restrooms and that she knew it was right behind me and that that was not okay. Afterward she had to do a timeout. Then one of my friends walks over and I told her what happened and why Ava was doing a timeout and she said, "I wondered where that puddle came from under the structure. Then when I saw Olivia down there smelling it I told her to move and get out of there. I guess she was smelling the pee." ... Because that's what people do... right?

And there it is folks. We have become THOSE PEOPLE whose kids act like hillbillies on the playground teaching all the other kids what not to do and who pee in public. Just can't wait for kindergarten.

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