Monday, March 14, 2011

Monterey Beach Vacation

Not even the mention of a tsunami can stop us from heading to our destination vacation. My Aunt Lou and Uncle Mike drove from Texas to visit us and Monterey. They aren't in the photos because one of their kids is adopted and her bio parent father found her once and I don't know if she should have her picture posted out in cyberspace. But just for reference they are there with us too and they had a great time with our kids.
Monterey Bay Aquarium here we come.
Liv's ready to scuba already. Once she's 13 she gets to take the class!

My Ava cakes will touch anything. She has absolutely NO fear. I love that.
The girls love the jelly fish.
My main squeeze and his hot mammas.
Look out Ava!! The seahorse is going to eat you... wahaaha!
Me and my kiddos heading to the beach.
The best sandcastle builder ever. She gets that from her Papa.

Ava's big hole. Everywhere there is sand or dirt Ava is close by- digging, digging, and more digging.
Liv and Daddy heading to the waves.
Proud of her accomplishments, Ava sits in her hole.
We had an excellent family reunion and a great little weekend getaway.

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