Friday, March 18, 2011

Jelly Bellies

You know what's great on a rainy day- The Jelly Belly Factory. The kids and their loot after we went on the Jelly Belly tour today.
This was at the beginning of the tour. Not all of the kid's friends are in the picture but they are all there somewhere. Standing next to Ava is her very best friend. They have a magnetic pulse to find each other even in the biggest of crowds. The other girl is one of Liv's friends.
The free samples were taken by storm and it was hard to capture anymore pictures once they received them.
After demolishing their candy the girls all went for a ride on the JB car.
This leprechaun found her way to our house and she even brought a pot of gold (a.k.a. corned beef and cabbage which was umm umm good) with her so we decided to keep her. :)

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