Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Plain Crazy

Look at this cute kid. She's having crazy hair day at school. I love my Olivia. She is just the cutest, coolest, kid ever.
I think I needed just a little more crazy to add to this weekend.

It started Saturday when my cousin Nicole passed away. She was 37 years old with 4 kids. The 2 older kids are going to be stuck living with their alcoholic grandfather probably until he drinks himself into a coma and the other two kids are now going to be living with Nicole's sister Natalie. Natalie's married and she and her husband can't bear children, they live in a small one bedroom apartment, she is epileptic and has just been allowed to work for the last few months since her seizures are under control. Natalie is 35 years old.

I can't imagine becoming a parent to a 10 and 12 year old literally over night without any help from anyone. Her mom died from breast cancer and her only sibling is now gone. It breaks my heart that she can't even grieve because she has to get a casket, plan a funeral, parent the kids and figure out where and how to get them to school. It's overwhelming and my heart goes out to her.

A few hours after hearing of Nicole's passing, Dave returns from the Redbox with Life As We Know It. Can you sense the irony here? This movie is about a couple with a kid who gets killed in a car wreck and they leave the baby to their best friends who hate each other but have to raise this baby and it changes their whole world. Not good timing on the movie front but I have to give Dave points for trying.

After the movie Dave goes outside and brings in the mail and guess what? Chase is trying to increase our mortgage. We are on a 30 year fixed mortgage and there's a whole back story that I can't even get into but good grief can this paper come at a worse time? And of course it's a Saturday at 5pm so we can't call and straighten things out. All we can do is stew and fume for 2 days.

Today everything did get resolved thankfully and our mortgage is what it was before but for 2 days I just wanted to walk away from this house and let those jerks have it. So that's enough about my pity party. I've moved on and gone forward and now I've decided to paint my bedroom. Ava and I picked up the paint and as soon as crazy hair comes home we will start. It is a new day after all.

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