Monday, September 6, 2010

The Getaway

Labor Day Weekend should just be synonymous with Grammie's house. When we arrived Thursday evening Grammie had bought each of the girls a special gift and they haven't put them down since. Yes, Olivia and Ava each are the proud new owners of their very own digital cameras. They are becoming budding photographers and their pictures are quite good. The subjects are centered and focused, the dogs look decent, and the snapshots of everyone's toes look like toes and not big blurs. Above all, the girls think they are way cool.

This weekend has been a great weekend. We have been swimming and playing. The girls have been gardening and loving it. Fishing and houseboating has taken place along with a slurry of nightly movies. It has been wonderful to get away from the same old thing, out of our neighborhood, and really be able to enjoy the weekend without all the neighbors and kids running around. Sadly we have to go home today and back to business tomorrow. The girls have their school pictures tomorrow and then we HAVE to go shopping for groceries. But for now... we are headed for the pool. :)

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