Thursday, August 26, 2010


Found out this week that my quiet little Ava is quite the chatty girl at school. Her teacher said she and Olivia are just alike. I'm totally shocked by this as I have always felt Ava is the easier of the two kids. She is good at playing in a group but also can play by herself which is sometimes problematic for Olivia.

I guess at school Ava is mimicking the behaviors of Olivia except that when Ava gets in trouble she hides her face behind her hands. Appaerntly Ava was given watermelon for snack and didn't like it so she smashed it on the table. After being told she can't do that and that she had to keep it on her plate she blatantly took it off again and put it on someone else's plate. If Ava doesn't want to eat something (it's rare but it happens) she does not like it to be on her plate by the food she likes. So her teacher told her about germs and that she had to keep the watermelon on her plate. Ava then hid behind her hands for 10 minutes. Her teacher would tell her she could still see her but Ava didn't care. She was in hiding.

After school Ava got in the car and ratted herself out by telling me she had a temper tantrum and got a time-out over water. I asked several times and that was her story and she was sticking to it. Thankfully her teacher explained what happened and that she didn't have a tantrum nor did she get a time-out. She just hid. I guess in her mind she gave herself her own time-out. That's my girl.

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