Sunday, August 15, 2010

Out and About

This week was so busy with school starting and just a lot of random stuff that needed to get done so today as a treat we decided to take the kids to Six Flags. What a good decision. First the weather couldn't have been better. It was cool in the morning and hot by the end of the day with a nice breeze the entire day.

Second we packed just the right amount of food and capri suns that we made it through the day only spending $10 total to buy a drink, popcorn, and a funnel cake with ice cream. My neighbors had the refillable popcorn bucket and soda cup so it only cost a $1 for each.

Lastly, the weren't any lines. The kids walked right up to whatever ride they wanted and got on. This was especially nice at the end of the day when Olivia wanted to do the boat ride with Dave where they end up soaked at the end. Of course Dave shielded Olivia from the water so she demanded to go again to get, "more wet- I wanna be more wet." So they went again and she was indeed soaked.

We also saw all the shows. For the whale show we were chosen as the family pick to sit in the special up close Metro PCS section. Awesome. And in the shade. The tiger show we sat front row so when the tigers lunge into the water for their food they ends up being 2 feet in front of our faces. Ava's favorite. The bird show we had never seen before so it was fun and new. And of course we saw the sharks, the butterflies, and the lorikeets.

It was nice spending the day without diapers and a stroller and all the extra stuff we used to have to bring. I didn't even bring my camera. I just felt like I could capture more of the kid's joy and excitement if I wasn't behind the camera lens. All we had was a small backpack and each other. Man I love my family. I love spending time with them. I love looking over as this huge whale approaches and Ava's face is beaming and her hands are clapping. I love to hear how excited Olivia was and how big she screamed as the boat went over the ledge with her daddy. And I love to see Dave happily spending the day with his girls hand in hand as they walk through the park. Like I said, I love my family.

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