Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Six Flags

Ooh what fun. This weekend we took the neighbors with us for some roller coaster riding. Ava's first "big kid" roller coaster. She loved it smiling and screaming all the way.
Tori and Olivia waiting for the ride to start.
Olivia was chosen to answer a question and win a prize. This was a huge deal. She has been trying all summer and it finally paid off.
Here's the seal she won!
The water ride we waited all summer to be open was finally running today. After they went on it they were soaked. Dave rushed Ava to the restroom and dried her off under the hand dryer. Liv wasn't too bad and dried in the sunlight. They loved the ride though. I saw "no hands."
Me and Ava at the butterfly pavilion.
Dave's hitchhiker.

Look at that smile. I love that we can make our kids so happy. I also love that they are this happy in general all the time. My angels.
Practicing to be Amelia Earhart.
Up, up, and away!!
The submarine ride.
The final shebang of the day!!

I think the best decision we made all summer was to invest in season passes to Six Flags. It totally paid for itself, was a bunch of fun, and was a great learning experience for the girls while exploring all of the exotic animals. Nothing makes Dave or I happier than to see smiles on the faces of our beautiful sweet girls. I loved to see them running and playing or dancing to the music they heard while we were walking from each ride or animal. It really gives me that warm fuzzy feeling and puts a smile on my heart. I hope we always have this much fun together.

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