Friday, September 17, 2010


Some things about September I would really REALLY like to forget.

And then there are other things that just rocked.

The Horse Races: Meeting the Bugle player and a Jockey at the horse races was awesome.
Olivia loved watching the horses...
And we loved the $1 hot dogs and beer. We also were stoked that we came home winners and actually won some cash.

The Beginning of Gymnastics:

Ava on the trampoline. Guess what she wants now?
Liv practicing her balance and waiting for the higher beam.
The bars... Just look at those little monkeys.
This is when they can do whatever station they wanted.
The monkey bars- appropriately named.

The Princess Party:
I think Olivia attends a birthday party every weekend. I don't even think I know half as many people as she does. This one was a princess party that featured Ariel.
All the girls wore princess dresses and got their faces painted.
They are waiting for Ariel to perform.

Ava at school:
Loving it!
This week the kids are studying sea life. Ava made a shark hat and came home with gummy fish. What a week!!

So amongst the horrible stuff along with my Aunt passing away I guess there was a rainbow out there.

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