Monday, May 14, 2012

Random May Moments

So these are some random May moments. I have finally gotten around to pulling off all 400+ pictures off my phone and these are the last to share.

The new attire someone special will be wearing to his next A's game. You can see for yourself he LOVES it.
The girls made a friend during science week.

This was the day we were all sick. It hit me in the morning. Dave stayed home to take care of the kids, to get them to school, and Ava's filed trip. He got sick seconds before leaving. The kids seemed fine until they got home from their respective places. Within an hour they were throwing up too. Good times.

This was a gift from a friend. It is size 18 months and has not been washed. My nine month old is a giant.

He who control the remote wins---> WINNING!
Ava geared up for her friend's party in a castle in the park yesterday.
While she was playing princess and running around Olivia and Nick were catching crawfish with hot dogs. They were loving it. When Ava's party ended all the kids fished, rode the rides, had lunch, and fished some more.

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