Sunday, May 13, 2012

Casting & Riding

They really mean it when they say teach a man to fish and he can feed himself.

Last weekend we took the girls to the marina so Olivia could try to ride her big bike without the training wheels. It took one try and she was cruising the parking lot. Smiling from ear to ear, that little girl was racing.

When I had first mentioned to Dave that it was time to remove the training wheels he was very hesitant. I kept saying she is now tall enough to almost touch the ground. I think she has a 16in bike or a 20in.. Whatever it is it is tall. Liv too felt she was ready. What was the worst that can happen I had told her.. You decided you want the wheels back on and we put them on. No biggie.

Ha. She didn't need them. Nor did she need to be over protected.

So after the riding we took the kids fishing. Ava sat next to me and Liv sat next to Dave and we fished off of opposite sides of the Pier. With Ava I casted out her pole and walked away. She told me she needed to reel it and and cast it out herself. Okay with me... it was her pole... I told her how to hold the button and when to throw it out. So she casted that pole right out there and wham. Her bobber hit the water right next to mine. After that she practiced the rest of the day. Ava can now fish for herself.

And then there's camp David. Olivia wasn't so lucky. She was micromanaged from every angle and angry she didn't get to cast her pole out herself. After listening to those two go at it I said to Dave that it was HER pole and maybe she should do what she wants with it. Go figure after a few short tries she was casting her fishing pole by herself and then taught some boys who came by too.

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