Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Teeth!

On Sunday, April 29th, Olivia pulled out her first top tooth. From that minute forward she smiled. Beamed rather. She couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to arrive and she did bringing Liv a gold dollar and a silver dollar. She was rich! She ran to school and showed off her gaping hole to all of her friends...
Boy is she a little stinker... she's not the only one.

Gavin for the last week had been pulling at his ears and he was getting a tooth as well. It had cut through on the top awhile ago but it was still dropping down. I figured the ears were sore from that. But then he didn't stop rubbing or pulling so then I thought he probably had an ear infection. I called the hospital for an appointment but apparently you can't get sick on a Sunday after 1PM because they aren't open. Ooops. Thankfully he had a well-baby appt. scheduled for Tuesday, so we were just going to have to grin and bear his fussiness another few days and lack of sleep and then hopefully get his issues resolved.

Sounds easy doesn't it?

Well Maybe if in the wee early morning of Monday I didn't throw up it would have been. Dave feeling bad himself decided to stay home and help me since Liv had to go to school, Ava had a field trip to the farm, karate, and my back was killing me from barfing. Sounds like things are progressing a little better on the brighter side of things the help from Dave? Not when I heard Dave wretch and throw up right before taking Liv to school. Yea us.

I jumped out of bed and got Liv in the truck and took her to school. Thankfully one less kid to deal with for awhile. On my way back Dave had the other two packed in the other truck and they were headed to the farm. I offered for him to leave the baby but he said it would be fine. And it was. They all had a great field trip. Liv was worried we were too sick to pick her back up at school but alas she was picked up right on time. Dave and I were feeling better...

And then n hour later Ava barfs and barfs and barfs... with diarrhea. Yea us. So she is taken care of and Dave gets Olivia ready for karate who now is melting down that Ava gets to stay home. REALLY?? You are jealous of your sister puking? For the love of God please go to karate and behave yourself!

So she goes and whines the whole time about not feeling well. Neither of us believe her because she doesn't exactly tell the truth all the time. So Dave calls me and we discuss it and she is staying and going to finish, oh look at that she puked. Of course... but Liv can make herself puke on key so we still think she is faking it but Dave brings her home all the while scolding her for her behavior. Then two minutes after she gets home she pukes the entire night on. Guess she wasn't lying this time. Ooops. What horrible parents we are. But that is the lesson learned to tell truth so we can believe her... We'll see later if that theory sticks.

Somehow by midnight no one is puking any longer. People are sleeping everywhere.. or shall I say wherever they last threw up. One dog slept in our bed under the sheets. It was like a fun house at a really bad carnival.

The saving grace- Gavin did not get this virus. But what he got was another shiny little tooth poking right out of the top of his gum. Tooth number 4, welcome to the family...

Today is Tuesday, the day he had to make it to to get to his appointment. We made there, of course his ears were fine today, no rubbing, no pulling, and no ear infections. Just a tiny shiny new tooth today.

We can all sleep peacefully tonight. *Sigh*

The Whopper 22lbs 1.8 oz 75%
Height 2 feet 5.25 inches 82%
Head 18.27 80.8%

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