Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Mishap

From today and beyond I will forever be known as:


Apparently there was a mix up in Ava’s class with the backpacks last week. She and some other girl have the same bag. The teacher gave the kids the wrong ones, homework and folder (with their names on them) included.

Normally I don’t take the backpacks out of the truck because if I do I usually forget them on the next school day. So instead I grab the stuff from the folder, close the bag, and leave it in the truck.

Here in lies the problem.

I didn't look at the front of the folder.

I reached in, grabbed her loot, and brought it in the house. I praised Ava for her work and we left it on their table for a day or two and then I threw it away over the weekend.

So we get to school today and the girl shouts, "That’s my bag Ava." Say what???

So I said, “Oh well. It was no problem.” The teacher replies, “Do you have K’s work for her mom?” Knowing damn well I don’t I smiled and shook my head. Again I’m asked if maybe it’s somewhere in my house… Umm didn’t we cover that with the head shake???

So I said, “You can give her mom Ava’s work. It’s quite alright. You know, so she can have something to take home.” Both teachers gave me a strange and well deserved look I might add and said, “Well it’s not her work.”

You guys gave me the fake backpack and fake Ava homework. Don’t look at me funny. Now I’m not even sure if I took home the right kid.

(Ava's homework courtesy of the Good Mom who doesn't throw her kid's homework away. Or mine for that matter!)

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