Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grandma B Party

Okay so we all know it isn't normal to have three birthday parties but one was at school, one was at the park with all her friends before the weather could go bust, and well the third was because what Olivia really wanted for her birthday was to be a BRIDE and to have a wedding cake. So we decided since Grandma B was coming so close to Liv's real birthday we'd have a party where Liv could get exactly what she wanted. And since the neighbors both have birthdays a week a part from Liv's they celebrated theirs too with their own kind of cake.
The wedding cake. Hopefully the real wedding will be this cheap.
The bride slash birthday girl. This was actually a Halloween costume but would be cute for first communion- or a wedding.

And here's the bride and other birthday celebraters getting their festivities on. Happy birthday Olivia, Brody, and Tori. Hope your wishes all come true.

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