Saturday, November 27, 2010

Grandma B Visits CA

Grandma B's visit with her Indian Olivia.
This outfit Olivia made on her last day of school. She looked so festive and fancy.
Ava made her outfit too on her last day of school. Isn't she a cutiepieface. I could just eat her like a gingerbread cookie. Although if you say that to her she will run and hide.
This is Thanksgiving morning. The girls were attempting to write a message on the chalk board for Grandma B.
This is the oh so good brie and crescent roll thing that Safeway has been advertising. It was yummmmmy. Ava snarfed it down while Olivia daintily chomped away.
The big guy.
And this is a picture of the girls before we head to the hospital to visit Grandma B. Oh did I forget to mention she has spent her entire trip out here in the hospital? Yip. She has.

So she arrived Saturday, was in the urgent care for stomach pain Sunday (not from my cooking thank you), Monday was taken in for lab work early in the morning but was in the ER by the evening, stayed 6 hours, came home, everyone went to sleep, got up Tuesday (side note here: Ava now has diarrhea all day and has to wear a pull-up) and by 10 Pm she went back to the ER with Dave and on the way out the door Olivia begins to cry and violently throws up all over herself and her bed. Because when this house falls apart we all fall apart. One for all and all for one. So now we have one in the ER, one with diarrhea, and one covered in puke. Hooray for us.

I called my trusty neighbor to come help me with Olivia who I had showered and dressed but I couldn't leave her by herself because she was still on the verge of throwing up and had the shakes. I had pinned the dogs in my room because they were killing themselves trying to get to the puke to eat it. And Ava still needed to get up and go pee at 11Pm which was coming fast. So Barb held onto Olivia and her bowl while I raced around and cleaned up the mess, started the laundry, and remade her bed. Then Barbara put Ava on the potty and then we just sat in the hallway while Olivia threw up every few minutes. Around midnight Barbara went home, I made a bed in my room on a crib mattress for Liv to sleep on so when she had to throw up I wasn't having to run down the hallway and I think finally at 2AM we went to sleep. Dave arrived at 4:30 AM Wednesday without Grandma B who had been checked into the hospital for possible gall stones. He then slept until 7:30 AM and headed to work. We were told that Grandma B would be kept for the day and the next afternoon for possible surgery on her gallbladder. So at 8AM I'm thinking to myself I guess the girls and I will just lay in bed for awhile and relax now. Olivia was feeling better and Ava was doing well too. Then the phone rings.

Grandma B's having surgery at noon TODAY. OMG. I call Dave who had to go to work to get something. He wasn't going to make it back in time. I called his brother and sister and let them know what was happening. I called Barbara who thankfully had the day off (which I'm sure she just loved spending with two post sick kids) to come watch them while I go leave to go be with GB. So to make a long story short the surgery went well. It was actually a band that had to be cut that had formed around her bowel. Dave made it to the hospital as she came out of surgery. He spent the rest of the day there and came home that night. We went back to visit on Thanksgiving morning and skyped her so she could see the kids. Friday Dave went and hung out again for awhile hoping she would be released today, Saturday, but last night she got a fever and she will be there a few more days.

This poor woman has spent her entire vacation ill/hospitalized. Last time she was here she got robbed. Welcome to freakin' California. I doubt she will be rushing out to visit us again anytime soon. This week has been a mess. The girls are fine now, Grandma B will recover, oh did I mention I burned the turkey- I'll save that for a different day. Happy Thanksgiving.

Check out how cute the nurses are at this hospital! They pay close attention to detail.

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