Monday, May 24, 2010

The Weeds Have Grown- Again

I assumed Olivia was going through a growth spurt. She had been asking for more snacks and eating everything on her plate without hesitation. What I didn't know was that Ava who wasn't eating as much as usual was growing just as fast. Here's the latest stats:

Olivia is 41 lbs 44 inches tall with a BMI of 14.9 or 40%.
Ava is 40 lbs 40 1/4 inches tall with a BMI of 17.6 or 91%.

So basically both kids grew half an inch in less than 2 months. This certainly helps Ava who needs the height to balance her weight but poor Olivia is going to be wearing a lot of Capri pants since her leg length is a size 5-6 and her waist is a size 5. This next winter is going to be tough. There is no way she'll be able to fill a size 6 in the waist and somehow I doubt that she won't grow another inch by September. Olivia now towers over the neighbor kids and most parents think she is 5 or 6 when she stands next to their shorter 5 year old. I have a feeling she will be the kid in all the school photos in the back row dead center right where I was. But alas, she is not alone. Ava dwarfs everyone around her too. I typically explain to parents at swimming or dance that she has a hard time focusing because she just turned 3 like 2 months ago... and then they say, "Wait, how old is she? Oh I thought she was at least 4."

"No she's just tall... the 93 percentile, they both are."

Then I get the raised eyebrows like, "Wow, those are some big kids." Thankfully Dave has made appearances at both places and then when the other parents see that he is the girls' dad they say to me that they get why the girls are so tall. Gee I was starting to worry that they were some kind of mutant aliens or something... thanks for clearing that up.

Anyways on a different note,

The whole neighborhood hung out together this weekend. The girls played outside all day long. Liv got her fill from babies to 12 year olds. She colored and made sock puppets, played tea party, ran around crazy, played basketball, football, and softball with the big kids. Ava, on the other hand, rode her bike and scooter almost all day. She stopped for the occasional tea party and to shoot some hoops but most of the time she was her own little person riding away up and down the street. We also ran our laps at the park, barbecued, and played some new games that I picked up on sale. I love when the we can go outside to a carnival of choices and play for as long as we wish and then go inside and rest and relax until we feel like playing again. Everything's outside so there's no cleaning up my house or dishes or anything. It's just easy. And best of all Ava is getting exercise and making friends and no one is sitting in the house glued to the TV. I am so glad we've eliminated it during the day. The girls get along so much better now, Ava reads more, and they seem happier which makes me happy.

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