Thursday, May 13, 2010


What didn't we do yesterday?

We ate breakfast and lunch outside on the picnic table. Lady snatched Ava's sandwich right off the table but we made another and continued on. We painted a few pictures. We took Sugar on a walk. We played on the swings and slide. We collected worms and rollie pollies. We ran around like crazy people. Oh yeah and we had fun outside in the nice hot sun. After spending last week battling allergies, yesterday was like a dream come true.

And of course we went swimming. Dave came for the last part of class and surprised the girls. Here, Ava had to sneeze while learning to swim on her back.

And Miss Olivia swam by herself on her back. She also went all the way under water to get the ring off the bottom of the pool. She is really learning and loving the pool. Look out Grammie. We're coming to your house!!!

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