Monday, April 12, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

I let the girls watch Snow White a few days ago and now I'm getting questions fired at me like, "Are our apples poisoned? Will someone give me a poisonous apple? Why did the witch do that? Are my carrots poisoned?" Get the picture? It may be awhile before they eat any apples in their shiny red form. Thank goodness for applesauce. I think we will work our way up to Alice in Wonderland.... I can only imagine the line of questioning stemming from that flick.

So today has been fun. Since we killed TV time a few weeks ago eliminating all but the occasional movie we have had a lot of free time to do other things. I thought that life would become harder as I basically fired my trusty babysitter but actually the girls just play with the puzzles more, Ava is back to wanting to read books and not just the Dora ones, they build all the time, and they play together better. Weird I know but I actually think they have been fighting less often without the TV on.

Today we woke up and the girls built their daily castle out of Legos while I prepared their breakfast. Then we got dressed and headed to the pet store. The girls watched the mice and hamsters run around a little bit and we bought some dog food and headed to Kindermusik. The girls sang, danced, and played their instruments and just had fun. Ava wanted to hold a little girl's hand but the girl didn't want her to so Ava was upset but then this baby began interacting with her and she was back to being happy again. Olivia made friends with a few girls right off the bat and they sat together for the entire class. Somehow other kids just love her and she befriends them so easily. Then we came home and the girls played with their games while I made them some noodle soup. The morning flew by and so far the day has been a success. Later today they have swim lessons... as long as there isn't any lightning. We'll see how that goes. Toodleloo!

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