Monday, April 5, 2010


Wow. If only I realized what I was doing wrong like 5 hours ago I could have had this post done this morning.

Easter week and weekend were quite amazing. The girls had a blast at the egg hunts we went to. They gathered around 150 eggs all by their little selves. Dave and I smiled on the inside because this meant WE didn't have to buy any candy or fill any eggs for the hunt at our house. Yes, We are that lazy. And since over the week they only were given 2 eggs at day to crack open... well that left A LOT for our yard.

Lady, again this year, was first out the door and cracking the eggs. She preferred the gummy candies wrappers and all. Ava squealed in delight- Literally like a little pig all over the yard. Happy doesn't describe the joy that was oozing from that little girl. And my dearest Olivia... she was on a mission, no time to talk, no time to dilly dally. There were eggs out there and she was going to retrieve them.

After the hunt we had breakfast, deviled some eggs, woofed some deviled eggs down (no one chewed- we all just swallowed 'em whole), the girls took the jeep to the park and played baseball and soccer, Dave and I played footsies in the hot tub during their nap, and generally we just enjoyed each others company. Even though it was a Sunday it felt like a totally different day. Like an extra nice day added to the week where no one cried over toys being taken, there wasn't any work to do, and we didn't have to rush around for anything. Okay, yes, the dog still shit in the house, but what the hell else is new. That being said we had a marvelous Easter Holiday week.

Here's a slide show of some of the highlights...

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