Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swim Lessons

Ava blew me away yesterday at her very first non-parent swim lesson. I was worried that she wouldn't listen to her teacher or she'd bounce around and go under water and choke but quite the contrary she did everything fantastically. When the teacher said to blow bubbles, her face was in the water blowing bubbles. When the teacher would say, "Who wants to go first?" Ava was right there responding, "MEEEE, I do I do." I am relieved that she listened to her teacher and that she enjoyed herself so well. She reminded me several times that she is a big girl now. Yes, Yes she is.

Olivia did well too. She had been swimming independently in lessons before so I knew she had what it took to follow directions and swim like a fish. I was very proud of her swimming with all the big kids. A little scared that she thinks she is bigger than she is... but I am feeling more and more confident that she can handle things on her own. She also reminds me quite often, "Mommy I can do it for myself." I just need to remember that sometimes and let her...

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