Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gavin- My Boy

Gavin's birth and first week in the hospital.

First bath... a lot of crying!
Phew it's over!

My wonderful husband and proud Papa..
I love my boy.

God, he's a cutie.
Barbara and Tori are Gavin's first visitors.
Tori was little afraid to hold him but she did great!

And they changed many poops while they were there.
Olivia meeting her brother for the first time. She had waited so long for this moment she practically popped!
Ava liked Gavin too but wanted him to be put back in the bed. She thought he would come out a 4 year old ready to play with her.

Do we get to keep him?? WooHoo!!!
One of the best sisters ever!

One of the best sisters ever! This is magic in the making..

I love this mischievous picture. Look out Gavin they have something in store for you!

Our celebration dinner.

The men in my life sleeping...

Jules visiting and bringing me a huge amount of baby stuff. And I thank her tremendously.


Joanne came by.
Ray meeting his Godchild.
Amparo visited.

Someone gave us this funny hat that was already too small!

Grammie sharing Gavin with Ava.

Rachael came by.
Grammie and Papa meeting their 6th grandkid.

Our nurse who helped us with everything.

The girls decorated with Grammie!

Finally home and one big happy family!!!!

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