Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Unpacking & packing. Packing & unpacking. Is that the main job of the mom?

It seems like I spend every day either putting stuff into bags to take the kids somewhere or the next day I have to put it all away. Maybe we should just stay home. That would be so much easier.

Tomorrow I have to pack AGAIN to go to my mom's house. I'm transporting my kids and the two neighbor kids up there Thursday morning for a long weekend of swimming. When Dave and their mom get off work Friday night they will drive up and hang out too. Their dad is going out of town so he won't be coming and this way we all get a break from being here in the neighborhood.

Thankfully I only need to pack a few things for this trip. We already have all the dog supplies, toiletries, books, toys, and movies up there so we just need clothes and swimsuits and Ava's lovey. I can't wait to relax and sit by the pool. Wish we were there already.

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