Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hangin' with Friends

Last week was jammed packed with stuff and things to do. It just seems like every time I turn around another week has flown by and summer is coming to a complete halt. This realization hit me most when I took Ava shopping for her first backpack. She had a choice between Dora and The Princesses and she chose The Disney Princesses. Of course this threw Olivia into a tailspin because she too would like a Princess backpack but her Dora backpack is still in perfect condition. Finally the meltdown ended and we left the store and headed to dance class.

Dance class was awesome as usual. The kids are really getting the hang of their routine. All of them seem to be having fun and that's most important.

A few days later there we were at soccer again. Here's a picture of Liv doing a drill with another girl. Liv sure can kick that ball and she has great aim too.
And here's my ball keeper. She made sure none of those pesky balls got out of line. She also played soccer with her daddy and then they played tag. Ava's pretty easy to please.
This picture is of the girl's best friend Nick from soccer and dance. He just loves Olivia and waits for her to arrive so they can run out on the field together. Then wherever she runs he follows. It is so cute. His mom and I just roll on the ground laughing at the way they all three interact. Kids. Who knew they could be so freakin' cute? He is been booked for a playdate so expect to see him here again soon.
This is Liv's friend "G" from preschool. She came over for a swim playdate and lunch. It was quite interesting having her over. She is like Liv's twin. She sings non-stop repeating over and over the same song, she talks loudly, and she screams (in fun). I have to say I felt quite relieved that I had someone else to compare Olivia to and now I know there are others like her out there. Her mom said "G" never stops talking, singing, or dancing. I guess these two are a match made in heaven.

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