Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter, we practiced for the hunt several weeks in a row... The girls were so excited checked the window every morning when they would wake up to see if the eggs had yet been dropped on our back lawn. Finally the day was here. The Easter Bunny came and he was good this year. Or was it the kids? Not really sure... There's a lot of pictures so I'm leaving descriptions off.

After the big bash at home we headed to Juli's for another party. More pictures with some descriptions.
 Liv getting to ride the horse.
 Ava chatting up the cowboy.
 And away she goes.
 Ava's looking to see how far down it really is.
Dave the baby whisperer. This other baby is 3 months old and was crying. Dave picked him up and he quieted down. Gavin on the other hand isn't too happy with sharing.
 Sooo Happy!
 And the finally hunt for eggs this year.
 Appropriately there was a bunny there!

Gavin got his first taste at pulling out bunny fur.

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