Monday, June 13, 2011

Olivia's Preschool Graduation

Last official day of school Olivia chose to bring balloons to share. She was very proud to give them away.
My baby graduated today. It's a scary thought that she will now be headed to school 5 days a week but she is ready to go and can't wait to meet her new friends and teacher.
Here she is being announced to walk out in her cap. Just for reference, it was a swim party and BBQ for the graduation party. That is why all the kids have on swim attire. Their real cap and gown photos were taken on a different day.
Liv's giving me the thumbs up that "She did it!!"
Diplomas received, let's rock!!
Olivia threw her cap right up into the air and was ready to celebrate!!!
Liv with her friend Grace.
Liv with Spencer.
Post graduation lunch because we all know when you graduate, your parents take you out to lunch!

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